Last Crack - The band.

Formed in 1987 in Madison, WI, Last Crack is a five-piece band who’s first demo circulated regionally and landed in the hands of fan-zine writer Jake Wisely in Minneapolis. It was Jake that turned RoadRunner’s Monte Conner on to the Madison band.

The band signed to Roadrunner Records within 9 months of creation and Last Crack recorded Sinister Funkhouse #17 at Prince’s Paisley Park. With the 1989 release of Sinister Funkhouse #17, the band got the attention of the major metal magazines, and quickly developed a loyal fan base.

Their sophomore effort released in 1991, Burning Time, was recorded at Eldorado Studios in Hollywood, with Dave Jerden. Named Producer of the Year by Rolling Stone magazine, Jerden had also worked with the Stones, Kiss, Jane’s Addiction and Alice In Chains. Burning Time, was met with critical acclaim and the band embarked on a tour of the US and Europe.

Last Crack, live or recorded, is always an experience of total immersion. Their brooding disposition, dynamic dueling guitars, tight rhythm section and visionary lead-singer take the listener on a sound-scape journey as they travel from rocket highs to railroad lows.

Fueled by conflicts and industry pressures the band broke up months after the Burning Time tour had begun, leaving all wondering why? Phil Buerstatte would go on to play drums for White Zombie. Buddo, Paul, Don and Todd all continued performing in several popular Wisconsin bands including Magic 7, White Fear Chain, Bliss, Cudasigh, Faces for Radio, The Din, Muzzy Luctin and, Good Morning V.

Fast forward to the present and Last Crack has completed their third full-length album entitled The Up Rising due out 05/31/2019. Their single “Icicle” was released along with a video in the fall of 2017. The band is still forging their own path, at their own pace, and their passion is as vital as ever. When you have this magic, it’s something that never diminishes. This year will see the completion of their first full-length new release in over 25 years, something their fans have faithfully waited for.